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In the summer of 2016, I was assigned a film project and spent 2 months living in Kathmandu, Nepal. In collaboration with and support of the Himalaya College of Engineering and RDFN (The Responsible Design Foundation), I directed, shot, and edited a short pitch video about the work being done in Nepal in the aftermath of the deadly 2015 earthquake. In 2016, RDFN partnered with the Himalaya College to hold a rural housing structure design competition, in order to create for the citizens for environmentally responsible, financially sound, and culturally proficient structures for earthquake victims to live in. The video functioned in part to cover this competition, as well as what local Kathmandu citizens were doing for their communities.  My summer in Nepal is a time I think of often - In creating this video, I learned much about grief, positivity, and the resilient human spirit, and gained lifelong friends along the way. 

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